Nik Merlock

Software Developer.

About Me

Welcome to my website!

If the domain name didn't already give it away, my name is Nik Merlock and I am a 24 year old software developer and neuroscientist based in San Antonio, Texas.

Outside of the lab and the office, I enjoy spending my time reading, enjoying art, exploring the outdoors, surfing (when I'm able to visit the coast), and most importantly: engaging in stimulating conversation (coupled with good food) with my friends & family.

My Mission

To combine my collective experience and industry knowledge in both research and tech with my neurobiology education in order to research and develop cutting-edge technologies, and deepen our understanding of the brain in the process.

My Vision

To establish a future where the acquired knowledge and understanding of the brain is responsibly and properly distilled from the scientific community to the general public, and allows for individuals to not only further understand themselves, but to also better understand and coexist with others.

My Values


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Nikolas Merlock

Nikolas Merlock

Research Interests:
  • network models
  • neural encoding & decoding
  • dynamical systems
  • synaptic plasticity
  • neuropsychopharmacology